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Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage

Fire Damage

Its no secret that fire damage can be devastating. The effects fire has onthe home may cause thousands of dollars in repairs and leave you without a proper home until the damage is repaired. When you employ the proper fire damage restoration services, you can get your home properly repaired and ready to live in again.

At RESTOREASE, we offer proper fire damage remediation services that identify, repair, and replace the damaged areas of your home. From damage caused by smoke to the replacement of building materials, we are the fire remediation experts you can trust. Call today and find out more about our fire damage restoration services.

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Fire Damage

Fire, Smoke, & Water Damage

Even a small fire can have a devastating effect on the home. The fire itself will cause damage to the drywall, wooded structure, and items located inside the home. But that is normally not the extent of the damage.

Smoke will travel through your home, staining surfaces and causing damage to the walls, ceiling, and items located above floor level. The smoke penetrates porous materials such as drywall which stains the surface and can be difficult to remove. And even when the visible evidence of smoke damage is gone, the odor can last for a long time.

The odor from the smoke along with the particles that have been released due to the fire may also cause health issues for those living in the home. If the damage is not properly addressed, those inside the home may suffer from health problems, particularly respiratory issues.

Finally, the water used to put out the fire causes considerable damage to the structure itself. The vulnerable materials such as wood become warped, cracked, and even worse provide a home for mold to grow.


Proper fire damage remediation starts with an inspection of the home once the fire has been put out. The trained specialists at RESTOREASE will go over your home, assess the damage, and provide for you a free estimate.

The estimate will include the entire price for our services and the materials needed to restore your home to its former state. Once you approve, our specialists get to work in removing the materials that are too damaged to be of use. Work begins on areas which can be repaired and new materials arrive to replace the removed ones.

All smoke damage is addressed, removing the particles at the source whichcleans away the stains and removes the smoke odor as well. The home isthen vented with any remaining particles removed from the air so that it can be lived in once again with no health-affecting issues from the smoke damage.

If your home needs fire damage remediation services, call the experts at RESTOREASE. We offer the best in fire damage restoration that brings your home back to its former state. Our services start with an inspection followed by a free estimate for our services. Once you approve, our trained professionals get to work right away restoring your home. Call today and find out how RESTOREASE can help you get your home back.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for restoring a home or business after a fire?

The process for restoring a home or business after a fire involves assessing the damage, securing the property, removing any debris or damaged materials, cleaning and deodorizing the property, and rebuilding or restoring any areas that were damaged. We will work with insurance companies to ensure that the restoration process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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