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Storm Damage Restoration

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Storm Damage

The damage caused by storms can be considerable. From fallen trees to damaged roofs, shattered windows, and flooded rooms, damage from strong storms and hurricanes can be devastating. The worst part for many families is not knowing what to do or who to trust when it comes to storm damage restoration.

If your home has suffered from damage due to a storm, call the experts at RESTOREASE. We provide the best storm damage restoration at low, competitive prices. Our goal is to get your life back to normal as soon as possible without sacrificing quality. Call RESTOREASE today and find out more about how we can help you after the storm has passed.

We make storm damage restoration easy.

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What to Do After the Storm has Struck?

The shock from storm damage can be considerable. The first thing you need to do is ensure that you and your family is safe. Treat any injuries first before you assess the situation. Make sure that you are alright before proceeding.

Storm Damage

1. Avoid Dangerous Areas

This includes downed electrical power lines and flooded zones that may be hiding sharp objects or are conducting electricity from exposed power lines.

Storm Damage

2. Assess the Damage

Go through the areas of your home that is readily accessible and take note of the damage that has occurred. Take pictures and note what areas are damaged so you can file your claim with the insurance company.

Storm Damage

3. Call the Trusted Storm Damage Restoration Professionals

You need the best on your side, which is why RESTOREASE is here for you.


Our step-by-step process helps you get a better understanding of what has happened to your home and what it takes to bring it back to normal. When you call, we will send our trained technicians to your home and do the following.

Create a Safe Area

The first step is to remove immediate dangers to you, your family, and your home.This means the removal of fallen trees that pose a hazard, report down electrical lines, and board up windows and doors to prevent future damage.

Inspection & Free Estimate

We will conduct a full inspection of your home to assess what is needed for a full storm or hurricane damage restoration. You will receive our free estimate so you can make the best-informed decision.

Dry, Repair, & Reconstruct

If you decide to employ our services, we will fully dry out your home, repair or replace damaged structural materials, and do what is necessary to get your property back to normal.

We provide the best in storm damage restoration that also includes water and fire. We are here to work with you and your insurance company so you and your family can get back on track. At RESTOREASE, we understand how storms can damage homes and change lives. Let us be by your side with our line of hurricane damage restoration services.

At RESTOREASE, we work with you by providing the best in storm damage restoration. Our goal is to ensure that you make the best-informed decision about the steps to take in getting your home back to normal. Our experts will answer your questions, provide guidance towards what steps are available, and offer the best hurricane damage restoration so you can return to normal. Call RESTOREASE today and find out more about how we can help you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for storm damage restoration?

The process for storm damage restoration typically involves assessing the damage, securing the property, removing any debris or damaged materials, repairing any structural damage, and cleaning and disinfecting the affected areas.

Can you help me with the insurance claim process?

What is the timeline for completing the restoration process?

How do you handle damage from wind, rain, and flooding?

What measures do you take to prevent further damage from occurring?

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