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Mold Damage Restoration

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Mold Damage

If mold finds a moisture-rich environment it can grow and consume the organic materials in your home. Left unchecked, mold may cause thousands of dollars in damage, cause health issues for those living inside, and in some cases the home itself may have to be condemned. It can all be a little complicated, but don’t worry. We are here to make it easy

At RESTOREASE we are the mold remediation specialists. As a matter of fact, we originally spent over a decade ONLY working on mold specific projects. Our goal was to focus on the science of how mold works to get to the root of what exactly caused the problem, and in doing so we are now able to provide an almost industry exclusive 2 year warranty on our mold remediation projects. Our trained technicians can identify and remove the mold from your home, potentially saving you from thousands of dollars in damage or worse. Call today and find out more about how our mold remediation team can help you.

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Signs of Mold Infestation

Because mold often grows inside the walls, under the flooring, or even in the attic it can be difficult to spot at least at first. However, there are signs of mold infestation that you should take seriously and address quickly before the mold has a chance to cause more damage:

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1. Visible Mold & Water Damage

If you see the mold, chances are the damage may be considerable. However, many instances of mold growth occur after a flooding event which causes water damage. Have your home inspected for mold shortly after any flooding or water event that causes damage

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2. Musty Odors, Rust, & Warped Materials

Mold has a musty smell that can sometimes be mistaken for aging wood. If you notice a new, musty odor, especially one that is combined with new patches of rust, water spots, or warped materials, you may have mold inside your home.

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3. Unexplained Health Issues:

The elevated spore levels generated by the mold may cause you or your family health issues. Such issues do not go away, so a prolonged case of allergies may be due to the presence of mold. Any health issue that is persistent and affects members of the family at the same time should consider the presence of mold as the cause

What is Mold Remediation?

Proper mold remediation is the removal of mold from your property. An extensive cleaning process designed to destroy and remove mold so that it can no longer grow. Once the mold has been removed, the area is properly cleaned and dried so that the mold will no longer have a place to grow again.

The sooner you employ professional mold remediation services, the faster the mold is removed from your home, and the less damage it can cause. That’s why you need the best on your side to ensure that the mold is properly removed quickly and thoroughly.

At RESTOREASE, our trained technicians are designed to quickly identify the presence of mold in your home. We start by inspecting your home for the visible presence of mold. Once identified, our mold remediation specialists will help get the problem properly verified and documented, and provide you with a plan to remove the mold from your property. We may also recommend having you utilize the professional help of a Florida licensed mold assessor to help ensure the integrity of the project. Plus, we will always address the areas of moisture inside your home so that the mold does not return. Call today and find out how RESTOREASE can get rid of the mold infestation in your home.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test for mold in my property?

We use a variety of techniques to test for mold in a property, including visual inspection, air sampling, and surface sampling. The specific testing method used will depend on the type of property being tested and the suspected presence of mold.

What is the process for mold remediation?

How long does it take to remove mold from my property?

What equipment do you use to remove mold?

Can you help me prevent mold from growing in the future?

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